Who We Are

Our Vision

Reliable, affordable and seamless international trademark protection

Our Story

Launching a new business or product is hard work but registering your trademark should not be difficult, time-consuming and costly. It should be a breeze.

While serving as a trademark examiner at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, our founder noticed that business owners were disadvantaged in the effort to protect their own intellectual property due to confusing procedures and high legal fees.

Cat and Pillar aims to fill this gap by offering a simple and affordable solution that uses an intuitive online platform for business owners to make a trademark application to multiple countries at once.

Why Us

Use technology to ease your filing experience

We have used our expertise in various IP systems to create a global trademark filing interface that can be completed by anyone without the need for a lawyer. All you need is a description or image of your trademark and an idea of what goods or services you will be using it for.

Trademark filings and renewals for Singapore, Australia and New Zealand are filed instantly with the respective IP offices via API integrations, allowing you to secure your rights as quickly as possible.

Reduce your chance of getting an objection

By far, the number one reason why IP offices object to trademark applications is the lack of clarity in the description of goods and services that your trademark will be used on. Each IP office has a different standard for the acceptability of descriptions.

Our trademark filing interface is updated daily with the list of pre-approved goods and services from the Singapore's trademark registry. For other countries, as far as possible, we will find the appropriate equivalent descriptions in the respective databases and do any translation necessary.

This will reduce the time and cost needed to get your trademarks registered.

Manage your global trademark portfolio with ease

With your personalised trademark portfolio, you will be able to manage all your trademark applications and registrations at one place, ensuring you will never lose sight of their progress or any upcoming deadlines.

Our Founder

Tan Yan Shao graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2013 and served as Trademark Examiner at IPOS for the next seven years. During this time, he took a leading role in the redesign and implementation of the entire trademark filing, search and examination system. Through this experience, he became an expert in the trademark filing process and he endeavours to help business gain robust trademark protection with the knowledge he has gained.


- Bachelors of Industrial and Systems Engineering (2nd Upper Hons.), 2013, National University of Singapore

- Specialist Certificate in Intangible Asset Management, 2020, IP Academy