July 7, 2022
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4 Aspects of Your Business That Needs Trademark Registration

4 Aspects of Your Business That Needs Trademark Registration

Standing out from competitors is what every business owner must achieve at the beginning of their journey. A unique name and logo are a given, which should undergo brand trademark registration to avoid being confused with other businesses.

However, trademarks cover beyond just the business’s name and logo. It includes other aspects, from product and service names to taglines and frameworks. In short, there are many other things that you can and should consider when registering for trademark protection. Let’s look at the other unique aspects of your business that you can apply for a trademark online in Singapore.

1. Names of products and services

A business’s products and services are the foundation for profit-making and advancing its goals. The names for these products and services should be catchy and memorable, much like a business name and logo. For instance, the word Google is hard to forget because it is an invented word that resembles no other brand name out there.

Some examples of popular products and services with trademarks include the Big Mac, iPhone, Air Jordan, Delta® (flight services), and Geek Squad® (computer repair services).

2. Slogans and phrases

‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ and ‘Just Do It’ are a couple of slogans and phrases that people immediately associate with the brands KFC and Nike, respectively. A catchy phrase is one of three elements of brand identity, the brand’s name and unique logo being the others.

A firm’s slogan can function as a marketing tool to accomplish several objectives and enhance the firm’s image. Brands can employ these to express what they stand for, strike a chord with their audiences, and evoke emotion with them, among other things.

Other examples of trademarked slogans are ‘Have It Your Way’ by Burger King, ‘Think Different’ by Apple, and ‘Fly The Friendly Skies’ by United Airlines.

3. Trade dress

Trade dress, commonly called get-up, is one of the things a business can register as a trademark. A business’s trade dress is the overall commercial image and feel, packaging, or service that identifies itself as different from other products in the market. Depending on the jurisdiction, it could consist of product configuration and design, packaging, or the environment and décor where services are provided.

Examples of trade dress include Maker’s Mark wax seal and In-N-Out Burger’s store layout.


As discussed above, business owners can register a wide range of trademarks for their brand. A business can benefit from having as many registered trademarks as possible, as this increases the company’s value. Moreover, trademarks are intangible property, thus becoming an asset to the company upon registration.

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Why Trademark?